Friday, 22 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

With my little girl turning three yesterday, we were in celebratory mode. It gave me plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

We went to the zoo. This was the first proper day out since my once reluctant potty trainee decided that wearing big girl pants was actually much nicer than nappies. I took several changes of clothes in case of accidents but I needn't have worried. She coped brilliantly with the zoo toilets without any mishaps. She also announced recently in her little sing song voice that she would "Never wear nappies again". Since then she been nappy free in bed and enjoying dry nights. Now she wants to give her potty collection to her brother because potties are for babies and she's a big girl.

My little girl does not have very much interaction with children her own age. At the zoo, she was playing on a wooden climbing frame house by herself. When other children came to play she looked very shy and timid and uncertain. She was interested in two children who were eating ice lollies (I am guessing that it was the lollies more than the children that demanded her attention). When they said hello to her she looked very shocked but then as I watched I could see her thinking and working it all out. These were children just like her and she could communicate with them and they could be playmates. She practically pounced on the next child to join her on the apparatus. She followed their every move and maintained constant eye contact. Eventually they broke the silence and started chatting. As children moved on and new children arrived I could see her confidence growing. Most of the other children were older than her.  She was not intimidated by the fact that some were boisterous and loud and she was unconcerned by sex or skin colour. Each child was a potential friend. Some were more communicative than others and it was beautiful to watch my little girl growing into a social creature and developing the skills to make friends.

On the way to the zoo and at certain points going around the zoo, the birthday girl told us that she was going to hold a chicken. Quite where she'd got this notion from I don't know but sure enough, there was a petting farm and there was indeed an opportunity to hold a little chick. She sat there very matter of fact cradling the tiny bird, stroking it gently with her thumbs and telling the zoo keeper that it was soft and cute and small. 

You know you've had a good day out when...


  1. We want to go to London Zoo this weekend - I hope the husband sticks to his promise and I hope it isn't too mad busy and I hope Aaron loves it and isn't too young for it.

    Do you think she is psychic with already KNOWING she WAS going to hold that chick..... seems like she just KNEW........ what do you reckon?

    Aaron doesn't get to spend much time with other kids but we went to a restaurant opening last weekend and he was captivated watching the other kids drawing :-)

    Liska x

  2. Either psychic or she'd seen a petting zoo on Cbeebies!
    We used to visit London Zoo every summer as kids back when Guy the Gorilla was still alive. I loved him.
    Sure Aaron will have a great time xx

  3. I'm also at potty training stage and it's hard work - hit and miss I think would be a good expression!
    Glad you had a good day out and Happy Easter...also Happy belated bday to the beautiful big girl x

  4. It sounds as though you all had a great time at the Zoo yesterday - so pleased that Adrian got the opportunity to hold that baby chick and how great that she was able to interact with other youngsters. I love the picture of the two little ones fast asleep in the car.

  5. Sounds fab! We should so get Tori & Addy together again some time now that Tori's bigger. They were so cute together at your party :)

  6. I loved that last reason most of all, her just "knowing" about the chick all along. I love things like that. Might mean there is actually sense to the whole thing we call life and times.
    Toilet training - my little girl was really late getting there probably cos of my total inadequate training but she got there in the end just in the nick of time for school. I still struggle to make friends having never made that leap your daughter seems to be doing. That goodness for cyberland!
    My lot are over at

  7. We love the zoo.
    I love it when you see your lo's fast asleep after a busy day.
    The Scrummy Mummy

  8. It most certianly does look like it was a good day out. Beautiful.

    Mich x


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