Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Contents of My Fridge

What a strangely intriguing way to spend a few minutes, looking at the contents of someone else's fridge.

As a voyeur of others' I feel it only right I should respond to the tag I received from Inside the Wendy House to display my own.

Nothing too shocking in there (the mummified chile pepper that had fallen behind a drawer was removed last week).

Lots of Little Stars Yoghurts and Fromage Frais for the kids along with a few fresh strawberries, caramelised red onion chutney and natural yoghurt. Hiding at the back are some jars of mint sauce and horseradish sauce along with (embarrassingly) some mincemeat left over from Xmas mince pie making.

Next shelf holds a big pan of home made vegetable soup as part of the diet effort and a bottle of buck's fizz waiting for the right moment. At the back are two opened jars of pickled onions. I hate pickled onions.

And below, recently put away from breakfast: Utterly Butterly, strawberry jam and marmalade. At the back is my filter coffee for when the instant variety just doesn't hit the spot. I have plans for the Camembert which I might just have to blog about!

My fruit and veg drawers are looking reasonably colourful which is key to achieving all those necessary nutrients. I do have rather a lot of lemons though. Might just have to go and torture myself with a detoxifying lemon juice in hot water. Yum :(

And finally my door.

Milk for the dairy and non dairy family members, the sauces and condiments from the weekend barbecues and a bottle of red wine. Red wine in the fridge? We don't usually chill red wine. Not sure what that is about.

So there you have it - my fridge on an ordinary day. It is much more interesting when it's party time.

Must remember to put orange juice and eggs on the shopping list!

Show us your fridges ladies....

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  1. I do love that you have red wine in the fridge haha :)

  2. I love all your fresh produce! The wine is a total bonus!


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