Friday, 1 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

I'm back to good old fashioned words for my Reasons to be Cheerful this week after my little experiment with the video camera last week. The fact that I helped to inspire Michelle to do her first vlog has definitely made me feel very cheery.

My night away in a posh hotel last weekend was a lovely treat.
We were in Suffolk because my husband had a job interview there the following day. Had he got the job, it would have meant uprooting the family and moving which did get me thinking about my home and viewing it with 'estate agent' eyes. The lick of paint here and here that it needs and a small amount of reorganising would make it much nicer to live in as well as easier to sell. 
My husband is still looking for the right job which may or may not necessitate a move. In the meantime, I am feeling motivated to give the house a minor makeover and enjoy all the benefits of the lovely life we have here.

Tonight I am being taken out for a meal of the 'romantic and for two' variety. I love to be spoiled and have the excuse to dress up, do my nails and put my make up on. I can't wait!


  1. A night in a posh hotel and a romantic meal.... I want to be you :-)

  2. Have a lovely evening Paula, enjoy

  3. Hop the evening lived up to your expectations and you really enjoyed it.

  4. I do like how you follow up from last week's reasons so that I can get a true picture of the happy times you are having. Long may they continue. My chirpy ramblings as ever are at
    Have yourself a very loved up evening and good luck to you and yours in the times ahead

  5. You certainly did inspire me, no vlog this week though!

    Hope your meal was lovley. Enjoy making over the house.

    Thanks so much for being one of the regaular contributors to R2BC. People like you make it a success.

    Mich x


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