Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Nearly Three Year Old becomes the Really Three Year Old

So much has happened in the three short years since my little girl was born. I became Mrs Virgo, I gave birth to a son and the QWERTY Mum blog came into existence to help me celebrate it all. 

Tonight, my daughter went to bed knowing that tomorrow is her birthday. She has made it very clear that she wants cards and presents and balloons and cake. She will get all of those things and more. 

My daughter (and now of course my son) have been the most amazing little miracles in my life. Having found love after enduring many years of a bad marriage, I did dream of maybe conceiving a child that would unite my new family but I doubted that at my age it would become a reality. I feel so blessed that I have my two healthy, beautiful children as well as my four grown up daughters. Every day they make me smile, they make me laugh and they fill me with pride and wonder. 

Tomorrow, as we celebrate my daughter's third birthday, I will no doubt remember back to a hospital room, my fear and uncertainty, a lovely midwife and a first meeting with a familiar stranger who inspired a flood of intensely powerful love and changed my life forever in the best way possible.

One Year Old

Two Years Old

Three Years Old


  1. Wow 3 years has passed so quickly - Happy Birthday to 'now I am a 3 year old' x

  2. Happy Birthday! Time flies, eh?

  3. What a lovely blog and the pictures of Adrian are absolutely beautiful - its hard to believe that threee years have passed since you presented us with another gorgeous granddaughter, and who would have thought that our amazing little grandson would also make a welcome appearance a couple of years later. I do feel so blessed.

  4. You have a lovely family. Happy birthday to your little girl.


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