Friday, 8 April 2011

Flashback Friday - Geoffrey Virgo

I love old photos that connect you strongly to the past and this is one of them.

The boy in the picture is Geoffrey Virgo, my husband's grandfather. He is standing outside the family sweetshop/tobacconist which was located in The Lanes in Brighton. You can just make out the 'Virgo' name of the shop.

I think it is incredible that this boy grew up to father a son who in turn grew up to father a son. That son is now my husband and I am proud that our son has Geoffrey as a middle name.

I also love seeing the familiar brand names - Fry's, Lyon's and Rowntree's. Will they still be with us in another three generations time I wonder?


  1. This is AMAZING Paula - what a fabulous photo to have and treasure through the years x

  2. I adore old photos so interesting to see. What a great bit of your husbands and sons family history right there - brilliant x

  3. Oh my I wish I owned such an old photo - super!

  4. Thats some great history you have there. Fab Flashback Friday photo.
    Wonder if people will be looking at our photos in the same way in generations to come!

  5. What a wonderful family treasure - I love old family photographs and stories.

  6. I think it is amazing that you managed to locate the photo of Pauls Grandfather - what a gem.


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