Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Final Milestone

I feel proud of myself for having lost about 2 stone of baby weight in the 9 months since my son was born but I have been making excuses for the last few pounds that stubbornly refuse to shift, blaming the wobbly bits on my hips and belly on the breastfeeding hormones. Just recently, I have noticed a worrying upward trend in my weight. Only a couple of pounds, but that is how it starts and we all know it is a slippery slope.

Luckily for me, daughter Ivy came home from Uni for Easter with the resolve to reverse the effect that her student lifestyle is having on her waistline. It provides a perfect opportunity for us to support each other and triumph in the battle of the bulge.

Ivy is very similar to me in her appetite and the way she carries her excess weight and she has almost exactly the same amount of poundage to shift. We can sympathise with each other and specifically target our weaknesses and problem areas. Throw into that mix a good bit of pampering, some fun exercise and well earned indulgent treats and I think we have a recipe for all round success.

We have already started our new regime with better food choices, portion control, no snacking, drinking at least 1 litre of water today (we each have our own litre bottle to ensure this) and a 'get moving' attitude. I have done lots of gardening and had a seriously challenging session at the gym with a trainer, focussing on upper body and abs ( I am still feeling it today). Ivy was up at the crack of dawn to do a Wii fit session before the nearly three year old demanded the TV for her daily fix of CBeebies.

I certainly feel better already and Ivy (although she likes to complain that she is hungry) says she does too.

Ivy is home for three weeks which should be plenty of time to achieve our goals and I might finally feel worthy of the incentive gift  that my husband prepared for way back in September when I first started blogging and dieting. I have been delighted by each of the thoughtful gifts that have motivated me and spurred me on to my next milestone but the very last one to mark the 'below ten and a half stone' ultimate goal has eluded me and teased me with its existence.

I feel it is finally within my grasp.

It also happens to be my birthday in three weeks so there is an extra incentive to make this work. I don't want to turn 47 and still feel overweight (even if it is only by a barely noticable amount - I notice it).

This is my three week investment in a fitter, healthier, trimmer, more confident me and I know that with Ivy's help, we'll have fun on the way and succeed.

This WILL be mine 
Tuesday 11th April - 10st 9lbs


  1. I honestly thought all of my baby weight would just go once bubba was born. That was 15 weeks ago and I still have 2 extra stone. I probably need to lose 3 in total though. Just discovered my scales are wonky and probably not lost as much as I thought :(
    Congratulations on the amazing weight loss, I know what a challenge it is xxx

  2. It sounds as though you and Ivy are having fun in your new routine and that's what life is all about. You certainly do not look anyway near your age - I think, if anything, you are looking brilliant. I think I might take a leaf out of your book and start a new routine to get rid of a few bulges.

  3. I've learnt so many things form that post, one we are similar in age, and have birthdays the smae period (29) we have older daughters - mine will be 21 in Sept and younger children too - twins aged 2+3/4. I too have struggled to lose my baby weight and am now starting to get closer, I don't think a slowing metabolism helps either. Another half stone and I'll be over the moon but to be honest, each pound less is magnificent right now


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