Friday, 17 September 2010

Trap Door

I breastfeed my baby on demand - and he can be very demanding! - especially in the evening. It paid off last night when he slept from 9pm right through till 5am then continued to sleep  until 7am after a quick top-up. As if that wasn't luxury enough, I then had a lovely lie-in until 8am while he cuddled up with my 2yr old who had joined us in bed for a few episodes of the wonderful 'claymation' series Trap Door. I dozed to the soothing voice of the late great Willie Rushton (educated at Shrewsbury School where my husband used to work and I attended many an eye-opening function!) and the occasional thunderclap.

By 8am I was well and truly ready for my toast and coffee. I am two weeks into a 'Get in Shape for November' program. The target date of November is when the whole extended family are going away for a long weekend to celebrate my parents 55th wedding anniversary. I want to buy some gorgeous new clothes for this but recent attempts to shop have left me in a state of despair (those well lit changing cubicles with their full length mirrors are so unforgiving). I find it very easy to eat far too much and reasonably easy to starve myself but to eat a healthy, balanced diet.... why is that so difficult? I am actually doing really well at the moment with the support of my fantastic husband who has provided intriguing packages for me to unwrap as I reach certain milestones. The first package contained a lovely pair of silver earrings and a voucher for a 'Deluxe Pedicure' (actually not at all sure about letting anyone touch my feet but that's a story for another day). It isn't so much the desire to see what my next treat is that keeps me from the biscuit tin, it is more that he has put so much effort into supporting me that I would feel ungrateful if I were to give up or fail - some interesting psychology that is seeing the numbers on my digital scales steadily decreasing.

Last night I cooked pasta for the kids. One reason why my husband and I are compatible is that neither of us like pasta. I've always been a bit embarrassed to make a stand and say "I don't like pasta" because what's not to like? It's just pasta. It's a vehicle for all those wonderful sauces. But you know what - I don't like pasta. My husband says that it is a waste of good carbs and I'm with him. Why bother with pasta in a world where rice, potato and fresh crusty bread exist? So while the kids tucked into their fusilli, we indulged in one of my favourite meals - baked camembert with french stick and caramelised red onion chutney. As this is neither low calorie or well balanced, I could only justify it by having a small portion. Served with a tiny bottle of red wine (I love scaled down things that make you feel like a giant) which equated to half a small glass each - it was a little bit of heaven.

I am trying to get my creative head in gear today. My sister has told me about a competition that involves videoing a re-enactment of a scene from a movie or television moment using potatoes as actors. I can't resist a challenge like that and hope that starting my day with Trap Door will give me the inspiration I need. If you can make plasticine act that well, how hard can it be with a tuberous root?

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  1. Woooo...I'm thinking "Spuderman" could be an idea!! xxx


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