Saturday, 25 September 2010


I am a morning blogger. I enjoy collecting my thoughts and committing them to virtual paper over my first cup of coffee of the day. Today was different. Today my husband and Taylor had to be at their sailing club by 9am. As I was going to be dropping them off and then going on to my mum's with the rest of the kids for Sunday lunch (I know technically it's Saturday lunch but you get the gist) it didn't leave any time for my usual routine. So evening blogging it is!

On the way to the sailing club, we were delayed by a slow moving tractor on a narrow road with little chance to overtake. There is nothing unusual about this where we live. What was unusual and slightly disturbing was that the tractor had a bucket loader with a dead cow in it. Four dead cow legs pointing skyward and wobbling about with each bump and turn. I suppose it's only normal that some cattle will die of causes other than slaughtering and how would you move a half tonne cow corpse other than with the aid of a bucket loader? But it was still an odd thing to witness this sunny Saturday morning.

Lunch was a delight, especially the home made apple and pear pie served for dessert. Mum and dad were still buzzing about the whole Superhero competition so I got them to do a video for another competition for Typhoo tea. I will let their effort to OO-along to the Coronation Street theme tune speak for itself below while I put my two very tired babies to bed.

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