Saturday, 30 April 2011

47 is a Prime Number

As well as my wonderful 47th birthday celebration on the Shropshire Union Canal with my family....

... daughter Charis made me a periodic table birthday cake, which included my name spelled out in the rare earth elements Protactinium (Pa) Uranium (U) and Lanthanum (La) ...

... I was thoroughly spoiled with presents, cards and a special dinner of my choice made for me by Ivy.

My girls gave me a CD of music that they had recorded themselves and best of all, Ivy wrote and performed a song for me. Here she is with "Mimi":

It's been such a good day and 47 is a prime number which, being a bit of a maths geek, I rather like. (It's also scarily close to fifty but at least that will be a good excuse for another party!)

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    Hahahaha good times XD


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