Thursday, 7 April 2011


The rows and rows of Easter Eggs on supermarket shelves proclaim the fact it is that time of year again. I will no doubt be filling my trolley with ovoid chocolate treats before too long but I can't honestly say that anything I've seen so far has particularly egg-cited me (sorry!!). It is all much the same as last year... and the year before.

What has made me feel like a kid again are the Mix and Match Collectibles from Bluw Toys - Egg Bods.

These wind up toys with characters such as Fireman Scramble and Nurse Eggwhite can be jumbled up to form a host of new characters to fire the imagination.

The video shows a cracking bit of fun we had with two of the Egg Bods sent to me for review.

Available at all leading toy retailers for £4.99 each, Egg bods would make a great Easter Gift. (recommended for children 4+)

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