Friday, 15 April 2011

Flashback Friday - Creme Eggs

The Easter holidays are here and the supermarkets are not about to let us forget that Easter means Easter Eggs. Despite the huge range of merchandise available now, the one thing that remains totally synonymous with Easter for me still is the Cadbury Creme Egg. In the interest of dieting I have yet to taste the sickly fondant loveliness encased within the thick shell of sweet chocolate made in the way that only Cadbury can. My mouth waters at the mere thought (although these days my poor sensitive teeth shudder at the prospect!)

It is a miracle that I was not put off Creme eggs for ever after witnessing the Great Beer and Creme Egg Race that was a big date in the social calendar of one of the Halls of Residence of Bristol University.

Relay teams of strong stomached students would compete to see who could most quickly consume 4 pints of beer each with a creme egg between each pint. The amount of vomit flying around and the wretching noises would act as a catalyst for yet more vomit as determined 'athletes' would push through the pain barrier of forcing yet more gassy ale into distended, fondant filled stomachs. Sick buckets were an essential piece of equipment.

Some teams took it very seriously with practice sessions and qualifiers. My future husband failed to make the grade but we went to support our foolhardy friends. Our friend in the white T Shirt is faring slightly better than the opponent next to him with his head in the sick bucket! As I recall, his composure did not last for the duration of the challenge.


  1. ha ha, I love it, sounds like my kind of challenge!!

  2. OMG, sounds like fun - apart from the wretching and the vomit that is ;) xx

  3. Eurghh! I can see why sick buckets were required! What a lethal combination! Grea story x

  4. OMG, I'd last like 2 seconds with all the vomit!
    And my teeth shudder with the thought of all the sweetness hitting them! Love the Cadbury egg!

  5. OMG. We had the boat race at Uni which I thought was bad enough but add creme eggs?!

  6. OMG! Bleurgh! Creme eggs...yack! ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely memory for Flashback Friday ! ;)


  7. Urrghh! And what a waste of Creme Eggs!!!! There should be a law against it
    Great flashback - the things we used to get up to eh?

  8. My mouth is watering at the thought of a creme egg - I love the thick chocolate and that gooey gorgeous inside - the only snag is I could honestly eat more than one I am ashamed to admit, in spite of the calories.


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