Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Toyologist Christmas

Christmas shouldn't be all about the presents but there is no denying that a scene like this on Christmas morning provides enough visual impact and promise of wonders to get your festivities off to a very good start.

High on my list of ingredients for a perfect Christmas is "Spending time with the family". If that family time can be enhanced by a great new toy or game, then so much the better. This is definitely something I'll be looking out for in my reviews.

Christmas should also be a time for showing that you care. Choosing a gift for a child that you know they'll love and seeing their little face light up with pleasure is something very special.

Between now and the Big Day, I am going to be reviewing twelve potential Christmas gifts. I hope these reviews prove useful and perhaps offer a little bit of inspiration.

The Twelve Reviews of Christmas

First Review:  Thinkfun Rush Hour Game
Second Review: The Logo Board Game
Fifth Review: Wild Science Beauty Salon Set
Sixth Review: Cuponk
Seventh Review: Thinkfun Zingo
Eighth Review: Silverlit Radio Control Heli Mission
Ninth Review: Play that Tune
Tenth Review: Playskool Step Start Walk 'n' Ride
Eleventh Review: Cranium 2nd Edition
Twelfth Review: Zubber Bands


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