Friday, 3 December 2010

Thank Goodness for Plastic Baubles

The third of the chocolate advent calendar windows was opened today. The two year old's is already on its last legs where she has ripped frantically at the cardboard trying to get at the treats beneath. I don't think it is going to survive for the whole of December.

Yesterday I turned my attentions to my living room, giving it a good tidy, shampooing the rug that has had all manner of food, drink, and vomit deposited on it over the last few months and putting up the artificial Xmas tree that has lain dormant in my loft for the best part of a year.

Retrieving the Xmas decorations from the rather disorganised and un-naturally dead fly filled (Amityville horror-esque) loft was not a job I wanted to tackle on my own (or rather with the 'assistance' of a little girl that thought climbing the loft ladder was all sorts of fun!). I did manage to grab one set of lights and a big pot of baubles which was enough to get us started.

I let the two year old loose with the task of decorating the tree. She did a surprisingly good job if you ignore the fact that all the baubles were placed in a very concentrated arrangement, located within her easy reach.

I didn't care that the lack of symmetry and unequal distribution of baubles was actually quite offensive to the way my personal OCD manifests. I loved watching her little hands getting to grips with fiddly hanging loops and her excitement at doing something entirely new. I sat back, pointed the video camera in her general direction and enjoyed.

If anyone is feeling lucky, there is a competition to win a Xmas tree (winner announced 11th December, 2010) at Ryan's Garden.


  1. One, two, three... six, seven, eight, nine!! Bless :) And is that Waybuloo I heard in the background? Hehe xxx

  2. Aw, what a sweetie!I love watching my children decorate the tree and now I have a 14yo who's bigger than it, a 10yo and 13yo who can do the middle and a 4yo who can do the bottom the decs are more evenly spaced! Having said that I do also have my own tree in the living room which I decorate! Thanks for linking to Festive Friday and lovely to 'meet' you! Your daughter's enthusiasm is contagious!


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