Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

It has been a crazy run up to Christmas with snow interfering with plans and Toyologist reviewing taking up a big chunk of time. For the first year ever I haven't written a single Christmas card, I haven't made my annual Xmas cake and I'm still not entirely sure of the menu for tomorrow's festive dinner.

Regardless of my lack of organisation, Christmas will happen.

Once the baby boy has finished feeding and this post is published, I'm going to make a batch of mince pies and some Xmas cupcakes whilst listening to the Xmas playlist on iTunes.

This evening, in front of a roaring fire and with a glass of red wine, I will hand out "not-so-Secret Santa" pyjamas to everybody then spend a snuggly evening with my new-nightwear-clad clan, waiting for the minutes to tick by until bedtime.

All that remains is for me to send my heartfelt wishes into the blogosphere to one and all:


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