Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Cuponk Game - Review

Cuponk Game

"Sink the ball into the cup and light it up! Challenge your friends with this Cuponk game - get it in and you'll hear the sweet sounds of victory"

I knew that this toy would be a hit the moment I saw it.

We described it as "a £12.99 upgrade of the old ping pong ball and polystyrene drinks cup game" and although the principle is the same, the art work and the cup that lights up and cheers when a ball is sunk, take it to a whole new level. It also comes with trick cards that show how household objects, parts of the body and a cardboard funnel (supplied) can be used to create challenges of varying difficulty.

It is quite frustrating when time after time the ball refuses to go where you intend for it to go but that is more than made up for by the elation you experience when your shot works.

 It certainly provides an outlet for one's competitive nature and I can imagine that with the family together over the Christmas period, there will be some lively contests.

On the base of the Cuponk box is the following warning:

"HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! If you witness the sunrise several times and find yourself surrounded by empty pizza boxes, it's time to go home. If you are home, resume play and avoid anchovies at all costs."

I have the deepest admiration for things that do not take themselves too seriously!

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