Monday, 13 December 2010

The Logo Board Game - Review

The Logo Board Game

"Get ready for a fun board game featuring company and product Logos that you know and love"

Family Games Night is something that is often neglected in favour of watching TV or the teenagers disappearing to their rooms to immerse themselves in some PC related activity. Whenever we do make space for it, we all thoroughly enjoy ourselves and resolve to do it more often. Key to honouring this resolution is having some great games that everyone looks forward to playing. We have a few favourites in the games cupboard but even the best ones get stale if you overplay them. I am always on the lookout for a new boardgame to keep things fresh and exciting and was delighted to be given Logo to review.

Logo is a game for 2-6 players, ages 12 - adult. It consists of a box of 400 question cards and a simple board that is progressed around as questions are correctly answered. Once you have made you way into the central Winning Zone, you must answer two question consecutively to be declared the winner.

There are three different kinds of question card - picture cards, common theme cards and pot luck - and each card has four coloured coded questions relating to the coloured squares on the game board. The questions all test your knowledge of consumer brands.

There is no element of luck or strategy involved, simply the ability to answer questions correctly. This did seem to favour me (as the person in our household responsible for the shopping and thus probably most exposed to branding) and handicap the youngest player who has had fewer years as a consumer. We played two games and both times the outcome was identical with me winning by a mile. Whilst this is good for my ego, I could imagine it wearing thin with the rest of the family very quickly!!

The young ones did have the opportunity to feel superior as they watched my husband and I struggling to read the question cards by the dim light of our energy saving lightbulbs with our middle aged eyesight!

It was something of an eye-opener to realise just how many corporate and product logos are instantly recognisable and familiar and the children definitely enjoyed playing despite their relative lack of success.


  1. I challenge you to a game! I know my logos. I may not be able to beat you at Word Twist, but I might just be able to beat you at this.
    *cue thunder and evil laughter*

  2. You're on - winner gets chocolate!! Loser gets chocolate too :)

  3. That Toys R Us question is wrong! The R is blue...

  4. I was robbed of my point!!! I said 'BLUE' !!!!


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