Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Pyjama Secret Santa

I am really struggling to find the motivation to go Christmas shopping. The fact that it is sub zero outside and the roads are icy doesn't exactly inspire me to venture shopward. Then there is the inevitability of sharing the aisles with other Christmas shoppers, ranging in temperament from mildly perplexed as to why they are spending money they can't really spare on presents for people that may not like them anyway to full on grouchy as hell because they are laden with shopping bags, they've maxed out their credit cards and they still haven't bought anything for granny.

At the moment I am actually feeling very calm and relaxed about my complete lack of Christmas shopping. Christmas really shouldn't be all about the presents. No doubt at some point I will crumble under the commercial pressure and expectation....but not yet.

I am loving the idea of winning presents for people. My prize of a Year's Supply of Chocolate will go a long way towards providing a little treat for friends and family. Most of my competition wins since I started entering a few months ago are already being used and enjoyed, but there are one or two secreted away destined to become stocking fillers.

I have entered this competition to win a Wii Michael Jackson game and I know just who I would give it to if I won. My daughter, Liberty, and her boyfriend have recently started ballroom dancing lessons. Last Sunday, their beginners class joined with my not quite such beginners class. It was the last session of the year so we did some party dances that involved partner swapping. Of all the male partners I danced with (and with the exception of my husband) I enjoyed dancing with Liberty's boyfriend the most. Something about his posture and poise and his serious air and a general fitness and lightness of foot...he has the potential to rival Anton du Beke. He is also a Michael Jackson fan. I could imagine (possibly after a few beers) that he could be persuaded to swap his waltz and cha cha cha for a moonwalk and a Thriller routine!

There is one shopping trip I am quite excited about making. This year I am adopting a tradition from my nephew's girlfriend. I thought it was a brilliant idea that on Xmas Eve their family have a 'Pyjama Secret Santa'. Basically, everybody gets a gift of new nightwear that they then change into for a festive slumber party and wake up in on Christmas day for stockings and a lazy 'pre-wash and dress' breakfast. The 'Secret Santa' part will be played down in our version of events because most likely I will buy everyone's but I may enlist one or two of my grown up girls to help with the choosing. It will all be a  bit of a novelty for my husband who generally favours sleeping au naturale. I have my eye on a rather bright pair of festive Spongebob Squarepants PJs for him (providing they come in XXL) - it will certainly make him even more popular with our 2 year old.

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  1. What a fab idea! I love the idea of getting my other half a ridiculous pair of pyjamas that he HAS to wear.

    Or maybe a onesie...


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