Sunday, 26 December 2010

Warrior Girls (Review)

It is always good to see manufacturer's efforts to reduce the impact on the environment by minimising packaging and using recyclable materials whenever possible. This concept seems to be something that toy manufacturers are exempt from.

I have to agree that from a successful marketing point of view, it makes sense.

I would be more likely to part with my £3.99 for this..

 .. than this..

.. but this does seem like an extravagant waste.

One item that my children found in their stockings on Christmas morning cannot be accused of wastefulness. This was the Reeve's Painting by Numbers set.

Ordinarily, I dislike painting by numbers. It strikes me as a lot of hard work to produce a fundamentally bad picture. The dolphin set (above) served to remind me of this. The Manga sets, however,  were a different matter entirely.

My girls love the Japanese comic book art style and are big fans of Pokemon, Anime and Studio Ghibli films (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke etc). The Manga Painting by Numbers images were fresh, vibrant and exciting and a million miles away from this drab Van Gogh 'Sunflowers' that took Taylor many, many hours to complete some years ago. (Posting this old photo has brought back memories for her that were best forgotten!)

The girls couldn't wait to get started and what better time than a lazy Boxing day.

The cardboard packaging cunningly converted into an easel of sorts and a holder for the paint pots.

Ivy got in a bit of a pickle when she put her paints into the holder which meant she started painting the flesh tone on her picture a rather alarming shade of orange usually reserved for competitive ballroom dancers. Taylor pointed out the error and with a little bit of overpainting, it was as though it had never happened.

It was lovely to see the girls involved in such a simple pleasure as applying colour to a pre-drawn image and their happy chatter whilst they were doing it was a delight. Our attempt at time lapse photography charts their progress.

My girls were so engrossed in finishing their paintings that they nearly missed their boxing day leftovers tea (or perhaps the lure of cold brussel sprouts simply wasn't that enticing!)

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