Saturday, 18 December 2010

Thinkfun Zingo Game - Review

Thinkfun Zingo Game

"Zingo is great for all the family where players have to fill their Zingo cards with matching tiles from the Zingo Zinger tile dispenser. The first player to fill their card wins!"

I have to confess that we only got the Zingo Game out to distract our 2 year old while we reviewed the Silverlit Radio Control Heli Mission, but it did almost steal the show and has certainly been played with a whole lot more already.

It is a very well made toy with a lovely feel to it from the friendly cartoon illustrations on the thick card, double-sided playing boards and matching plastic tiles and the bright primary colours. The Zingo Zinger tile dispenser is a fabulous design with its side mechanism to release the tiles and the posting slots to return unmatched tiles.

We have yet to play an actual game of Zingo as intended by the creators but we have played numerous variations from simple naming of the picture tiles, matching tiles to corresponding pictures on the boards, dispensing and posting, and a new favourite - hiding the tiles beneath the playing boards and saying in your cutest 2 year old voice "Where thing gone?"

The instruction manual doubles up  as a 'Parent's Guide' that includes tips on how to improve your child's thinking skills.

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