Saturday, 14 May 2011

what a performance! - review

I'm always keen to try new family games so I was delighted to be offered "what a performance!' from Orchard toys to review for

The box boasts an action-packed game of fun for all the family and is recommended for ages 5 - adult.

My little girl is only 3 years old but I knew that with a bit of support she'd give it a good go and she was very keen to try.

The colourful board is in four pieces that fix together like a jigsaw. Counters, dice and shaker are provided as well as a spinner, activity cards, timer and a magic decoder which my little one was intrigued by. She may not be able to read yet but she enjoyed holding the decoder to her eye and pretending to read the encrypted forfeits on the reverse of the activity cards.

The idea of the game is simple. In teams or as single players you throw the dice and move around the board to the finish, landing on special instruction squares as you go. You may be instructed to do a forfeit, perform an activity or spin the spinner to choose a category on the activity card. Other players must try to guess what you are attempting to perform. A successful guess is rewarded by the guesser moving one square forward. If no successful guess is made or the player fails to do the activity, they must carry out a forfeit.

The game is fast paced with a great variety of activities.

We had a lot of fun playing but be warned that some of the activities do require a fairly generous amount of space.

This is our video review for "what a performance!"

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  1. "I not! I 3!" Ahahaha.
    Taylor's crab walk was pretty nifty too XD

  2. Hahaha...Looks like fun! Loving the crab walk! x

  3. It looked as though everybody had a lot of fun. I loved it when Maisie said to Adrian you've won and Adrian said I'm three - that was magical.

  4. lol at the clip! I think mine would enjoy that game too.


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