Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Kalms - a review

It's always the same. On the morning of my appointment with the hairdresser, my hair will fall in soft curls around my face with not a split end in sight whereas in the weeks previously it will have been a frazzled haystack.

Likewise when I agreed to review Kalms lozenges. The lozenges were sent with a press release about the importance of sleep so I erronously assumed that they were part of the Kalms sleep promoting family of products.  Despite having suffered on and off with insomnia of varying degrees of severity for years, since having what I thought was a simple and natural solution in my hand, the problem of getting to sleep completely failed to raise it's head. (Waking up was another matter altogether!)

I now realise that the Kalms lozenges are marketed as a natural stress relieving aid to be taken any time of the day, but it was too late. I had already decided to hand the review over to my ever willing mum to see if it might offer her any relief from her long term sleep issues.

Before I report her findings, I would just like to paint a quick picture of my mum's susceptibility.

As a young woman she was hypnotised by a stage hypnotist with little more than a click of the fingers and staggered around the stage, grasping her throat and pleading for water believing that she was in a scorchingly hot desert. After two minutes of talking to a man of the cloth she found religion (then promptly lost it again). She reads the Sun and believes every article is the absolute truth.

My mum is not a questioning sort of person. She is very naive and innocent but she is honest. This is an extract from her "Sleep Diary" that she kept for the purpose of the Kalms review after sucking on a lozenge at bedtime.

... although I didn't have a perfect night's sleep I can honestly say I slept for longer periods and feel a lot brighter this morning than usual

... I have started dreaming for the first time in ages.

... I had the best night's sleep I have had in ages.

... I have to admit to yet another good night's sleep.

The Kalms lozenges do not claim to be a cure for insomnia but clearly for my mum, they were having some effect. It may be that the lemon balm, which is widely used in the Mediterranean as a soothing herb, was relaxing her just enough to overcome her anxiety about sleepless nights. It may be that my mum really is so susceptible to suggestion that giving her a piece of the cardboard packaging to chew on and telling her it would make her sleep would be enough!

The lozenges are pleasant tasting, contain no artificial colours or flavours, are suitable for vegetarians and might just help relieve stress. They can't hurt so I think they have to be worth a try. I am certainly going to be keeping a packet in my medicine cabinet for those moments when I need all the help I can get. I hope they remain there gathering dust for a very long time!

Kalms Lozenges RRP £2.99 for 18

Also available: Kalms Sleep and Kalms Night One-a-Night traditional herbal remedies to help you get a good night's sleep.


  1. I'm with your mum on the non sleeping front and usually take some herbal tablets and a spray of Bach's night spray which help a lot. But might just get these and give them a go.
    Thanks T x

  2. Sometimes it can be mind over matter. I have to say though I worked in a Health Food Store for some time and we sold Kalms regularly to customers who swore by them!

  3. I used Kalms after losing my Mum as for about six months after her death I wasn't sleeping. They did work for me...I felt more relaxed.

  4. Have tried them once before but this is a new form to me. Will have to give them a go

  5. Kalms certainly did seem to have a calming effect and I honestly did sleep better. I have to admit to being very naive and perhaps the mere thought of Kalms helping me to sleep simply did the trick, I'll never know for sure.

  6. I've taken them before and they're fine, more effective than rescue remedy ime. Rescue Remedy night is great if you tend to lie awake worrying, as I do! I keep a little bottle by the bed.


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