Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Do one good thing

I do feel very lucky. I am not fantastically wealthy but I have a comfortable home and enough money to buy all the things I need. I have a supportive husband and great kids making me proud. We all enjoy good health. Such things as having clean water, food, sanitation and cleanliness are taken totally for granted. But how different life would be if access to clean water wasn't as simple as turning on a tap.... if providing food for the family wasn't as simple as a trip to the supermarket... if there was no flushable toilet.

So many people on this planet live with exactly that situation.

This year, I bought the Comic Relief merchandise and made my donation by text to 'do my bit' for people in desperate need in Africa - then promptly forgot all about them. It isn't that I don't care - who wouldn't be moved by the sight of sick, malnourished babies hanging onto life by the thinnest of threads? It's more a case of my own life getting in the way and the poignant images that we were bombarded with for the duration of the appeal quickly becoming remote and detached from reality. If I stop and think about it, I wish there was more I could do but what difference can an ordinary mum like me make?

Of course I can make a difference.  A tiny, imperceptible difference - but if enough people do the same, that quickly becomes a significant, life changing difference. And it is SO EASY thanks to the non-profit organisation Global Ethics and their One range of everyday premium products available in supermarkets.

The one range includes water, toilet tissue and hand wash and 100% of the profits from the sales of these products is used to fund a "like for like" project in Africa (for example the profits from sales of hand wash and toilet tissue will be used to fund hygiene and sanitation projects)

I love the idea that by choosing One water for my kids' lunch boxes when I am doing my weekly shop, I am not only supporting the funding of clean water projects where they are needed, I am also sharing my values. I want my children to be grateful for the things they have and care about the plight of those less fortunate. I want them to be aware and to know that they can make a difference. I want them to care.

I was pleased to be sent a selection of One products to try out.

I am already a big fan of their water. The toilet tissue and anti-bacterial hand wash are of an equally high quality. I certainly don't feel as though I will be making any compromises when I choose One over my usual brand and I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing something good, for someone else, somewhere else.

As their tag line goes, do one good thing.

For more information about One products and the good work being done as a result of ordinary people like me choosing to buy them, visit:

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  1. Well said QWERTY Mum!
    ONE really are making a difference. I visited one of their PlayPumps in Malawi last year and it was inspiring to see the difference it has made to the community.

    As you say, it's so easy to respond to appeals and then forget & get on with our lives. By doing "One Good Thing Today" we can keep on making a difference... and it really does transform lives in Africa.


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