Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mr Bloom's Nursery

I thought I was done with the likes of the Teletubbies when my girls all grew up into young ladies but remarrying and having two new children has plunged me right back into the delights of kids TV.

I have to confess that I really enjoy snuggling up on the sofa with the little ones and watching (often with slight bemusement) the programmes that influence their speech and their games.

My favourite at the moment is CBeebies' Mr Bloom's Nursery.

In part, this is because I am a little bit in love with Mr Bloom - his soft accent, his shiny hair and the way he moves when he dances. I do, however, have to ask myself if the whole premise of the show isn't slightly flawed. In this day and age, should we be showing our children that it is acceptable to enter into the potting shed of a lone male in an isolated allotment in order to fondle his vegetables?

I had a bit of a Mr Bloom moment when I was shopping in IKEA recently. I couldn't resist buying this toy 14 piece vegetable set. Much to my girls' embarrassment, I also couldn't resist waving the display leek around and singing "This is my allotment...."

Yes, I am a little bit in love with Mr Bloom!


  1. Nice arrangement of the toy vegetables there...

    Mr Bloom confuses me. Half of me wants to punch him in the face whilst the other half wants to jump on him...

  2. I'm going to have to join you in the Mr Bloom love. I didn't see the attraction at first, when all I saw was the non-stop promos for the show through the rest of CBeebies, but having watched an episode (or twelve), I've got to admit he's leapfrogged Chris Jarvis as the CBeebies presenter I have the most inappropriate daydreams about!

  3. Are you serious about the premise of the show? I'm hoping so, otherwise we'll cancel Zingzillas as well (can't leave kids alone with gorillas).


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