Monday, 2 May 2011

Street Party

We are having a Street Party today.

Well it is less of a 'street' party and more of a garden party as all the neighbours are gathering in the garden of the house opposite mine to belatedly celebrate the Royal Wedding.

I had the idea of making a Union Jack Cake as part of my contribution towards the food. Ten o'clock last night probably wasn't the greatest time to undertake such an ambitious project but with sleep blurred eyes I thought the result wasn't too shabby...

... until I remembered that the lady that made this...

... and this...

... was a neighbour and would in all likelihood, be at the party.

I convinced myself that my cake had a certain quirky, amateurish charm and tried not to imagine the humiliation of having it scrutinised by an expert eye!

In an attempt to redeem myself, I thought I'd have a go at making a melon basket which I would then fill with with beautifully neat,  moorish little balls of succulent melon. Surprisingly, the crafting of the basket went quite well but disaster struck when my over enthusiastic balling resulted in a snapped melon baller. I had to resort to filling my basket with roughly chopped chunks of melon, which did not quite have the look I was going for!

I'm sure that the party will be lovely despite my feeble contributions to the buffet. At least I can't go wrong cooking up some ready made veggie sausage rolls... or can I?!


  1. I think your cake looks fab, as too does your melon basket! I can never get my balls quite right, melon ballers are over-rated!!

  2. That cake is fabulous . . . and my mouth is now watering at the thought of sausage rolls :-D! Hope you have a lovely party!

  3. Love the cake. Such a good idea to do a melon basket - must try that xx

  4. At least you can icer a cake and make a melon basket. Two things I am unable to do.

    Have a cracking time!


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