Friday, 27 May 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

I am still very much an absolute beginner when it comes to knitting but with my mum's encouragement I am thoroughly enjoying experimenting with some simple patterns for soft toys. I practised technique with a tiny fish then graduated onto a slightly larger mouse which worked out quite well. I am now trying to improve my knitting stamina with a much larger stripy snake. I have never changed wool colour on a knitting project before. It is really helping me to understand how it all works. For the first row after the colour change, it is really easy to see what happens to the stitches as you knit. For the first time EVER  I have managed to correct my mistakes when I make them rather than having to start again or rely on mum to sort my mess out.

In keeping with Michelle's 'Recommend a Blogger' theme I've found plenty of knitting inspiration on Little Cotton Rabbits.

I have been doing really well with exercise recently but signing up for the Race for Life has given me an even greater incentive. I have joined a new class at the gym called 'Bodytone' but might as well be called 'One Hour of Torture'. I'm hoping that next week it will feel a little easier - but all that sweating has got to be doing me some good, right?

My three year old daughter loves going out for bike rides with daddy, usually to the canal to feed the ducks. The baby boy is just about big enough to use the bike seat now so we have bought him his own little helmet and have invested in a Tag Along Trailer Bike for his big sister. We weren't at all sure if she would be ready to make such a big step but we had a little trial in the garden and she loved it. We are heading off to the South Coast this half term to visit the grandparents and have our very first Family Cycle Ride through Friston Forest and down to the beach. I am hoping for good weather but intend to pack the waterproofs!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From The Heart


  1. Well done on learning a new skill - I'm way too fat fingered for things like knitting! Good luck with race for life - it's such an amazing experience

  2. Isn't it lovely when you can sit and learn something with your mum. Mine is (very) patiently teaching me to crochet... The bike looks fab. Very grown-up! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. You live such a full life and are a true inspiration. I like so much of what you have to say. Well done on all the learning, excericing and living life to the full.
    My reasons are over on my new blog at

  4. I keep saying I must learn to knit.... I am doing the Race for Life too with my 7 year old daughter! Best of luck with both :-)

  5. I wish I could knit. I can sew, but not knit. Bike rides with the family are great fun, aren't they?

  6. What a beautiful site little cotton rabbits is - thanks for the recommendation.

    Ejoy the bike ride!

    Mich x


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