Monday, 3 October 2011

More Premature E-dracula-tion

My pumpkin knitting project is going well. With some contributions from my mum, I had enough to attach to an ivy garland to bring a little bit of autumn into my conservatory. I haven't yet gathered together the courage to try and embroider on Jack-o-Lantern faces but I still have plenty of time for that..

I was in Wilkinson yesterday, looking for a picture frame to display a print of Ivy with her favourite band Hard Fi on The Best Night of Her Life. I noticed some bags of plastic Hallowe'en tat for £1 and being  a sucker for Hallowe'en tat, popped a bag of skeletons and a bag of bats and rats in my basket.

What had mostly caught my eye were the little skulls with deformed skeletal arms. Why? Two reasons. One: they remind me of the Belial character from one of my all time favourite films "Basket Case"  and Two: I thought they would make absolutely fabulous little decorations for wine glasses and beakers to lend a spookiness to our Hallowe'en drinks. There were 18 of these little things in the packet - enough for a whole family gathering!

The skeletons have a hanging loop on the top of their plastic skulls which does seem to cry out for a craft project to turn them into something spooktacular. I will let you know if I have any inspirational ideas! In the meantime, Addy is very happy giving them all names, making them hold hands and be best friends.

I'm not quite sure what use I will make of the bats and rats apart from allowing Dylan to see how far he can throw them (will I ever get used to the way boys play after having had 5 daughters!) but some will definitely go in a bowl to supplement the sweets that I have at the ready for any Trick or Treaters that come calling.

I'm certainly getting in the mood for Hallowe'en and think we've already had £2 worth of fun out of my impulse purchases. And it's only just the beginning of October...

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