Sunday, 30 October 2011


It's been a busy week this half term with our ongoing DIY projects and various trips and outings but I was determined not to let Hallowe'en go neglected.

We decided to have a Hallowe'en Weekend (or a Halloweekend if you like).

I made a Dexter inspired tablecloth (clear plastic packing material spattered with red acrylic paint) and baked cupcakes that I decorated with chocolate buttercream and spooky plastic rings bought from B&M bargains (9 for 79p). The kids loved them and enjoyed licking buttercream off the rings before wearing. Only 2 year old nephew Freddy actually tried to eat the ring!

We also made apple and ginger muffins, spooky shaped gingerbread and a fruit crumble with a Jack Skellington face impressed into the topping - but I forgot to take photos!

As well as themed baking we had fun with Hallowe'en arts and crafts. We made a very simplified version of the gorgeous paper banner described by Lightly Enchanted (her's is a million times better than ours but ours did only take seconds to make!)

These are my silhouette monsters that I made when challenged by my eldest daughter who was inspired by a photograph that she saw on the internet.

I was quite pleased that I hadn't been able to bring myself to throw out the bunch of red roses that my husband surprised me with a while ago. The faded blooms made a great starting point for dressing our mantlepiece.

Candles added the perfect ambience but we were reminded of the importance of diligence in extinguishing them by my eldest's Fireman boyfriend.

We all took the opportunity to dress up with looks from the hauntingly beautiful to the plain cute.

We have packed a lot of Hallowe'en fun into this weekend and we still have Monday to celebrate the time when the veil between worlds is thin (including a rather special gift from an equally special friend).



  1. Brilliant decor, fab food and fun!! Thanks :) xxx

  2. WOW, I love your decorations, the banner looks lovely. The red makes it look like blood spatter to match the Dexter table cloth. I really love the monster silhouettes, thanks for linking :D

  3. Oh looks like you've had loads of fun! :D Great decorations!


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