Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Head Lice? No thanks.

With four daughters already having made their way through the school system, I am no stranger to the horrors of unwanted, six legged guests taking up residence on scalps. How is it that even thinking about head lice makes your scalp itch?

My youngest daughter is only just starting out on her school journey and I am bracing myself for the dreaded letter home warning of an outbreak. 

As well as regular checking and combing with lots of conditioner, there is now another weapon in my arsenal against the parasitic creepy crawlies - Linicin Prevent Spray.

Linicin Prevent Spray is suitable for use from 2 years to adult, is non toxic and contains no insecticides. The colourless spray has a not unpleasant odour and can be applied daily.

I would not be comfortable about overusing this product regardless of the reassurances that it is completely safe but during periods of high risk of infestation a quick repellent squirt would be infinitely preferable to the alternative of hours of combing or using the chemical treatments to be rid of the beasties. I would also be strongly inclined to use this product to prevent re-infestation. One application should last 7 hours and each bottle contains enough for approximately 30 applications.

The spray is easy to use and completely unnoticeable. Whether or not it is effective in repelling lice I can't say with any certainty until I find myself at war again but it is a very welcome addition to my medicine cabinet. Let those monstrous little bugs do their worst. I'm ready for them!!

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