Thursday, 6 October 2011

Shame they have to grow up

I bumped into a neighbour yesterday who looked at my son, remarked how much he had grown and then added "It's a shame isn't it". Another neighbour who had been holding his chubby little hand and cooing at him said that once the dimples on their knuckles disappear they are not worth knowing.

I will never understand this attitude.

I know that they don't really mean it. They are good people who have brought their own children up well but  I couldn't say those kinds of things even in jest. It would seem like an enormous betrayal.

I admit that there is something miraculous about a tiny, vulnerable newborn and I do miss that feeling of holding my own precious infants to my breast and being totally connected. Surely though, part of the miracle is the huge potential of that child to grow and develop and become their own person.

I have loved each and every stage of my four older daughters growing up and I feel incredibly blessed to have a second chance to witness it all again with my two late in life babies.

I love being a mum and playing the part I play in guiding my children on their journey through life. They constantly surprise and delight me and I continue to learn so much from them.

There is something very special about babies but even when my son's soft, chubby, dimpled hands become big gnarly man ones, he will always be my little boy. He will always be special. I will always love him. In the meantime, I will enjoy every moment.


  1. I adore babies and it saddens me that my baby is now 1 !! But seeing the eldest starting his university journey is a reward that having grown up (man handed) children brings xx

  2. Oh I so agree with you!Yes new babies are absolutely scrummy but you don't stop loving your babies just because they grow up,I think the love keeps on growing and growing,it never ends,surely :-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day,I love to get comments,I'll subscribe to your blog through my google reader,look forward to keeping in touch xx

  3. I know exactly what you mean about babies - there is something so special about them. And I have been having mixed feelings about my little one growing up. He's 13 months now and I sometimes feel sad about how quickly it's gone by.
    And yes - it doesn't matter how old he is, he will always be my baby!

  4. I couldn't agree more. With every passing day my children amuse me, entertain me, amaze me and inspire me. I love them more each day and cannot imagine ever feeling it is a shame they are growing up. Lovely post


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