Thursday, 13 October 2011

Moshi Monster Clay Buddies

This week saw the launch of a new pocket money collectable from E-Max - Moshi Monster Clay Buddies.

The Moshi Monster brand is already well established through the online game which involves adopting and caring for a pet monster and completing various puzzles to earn rewards that can be exchanged for virtual items for your adopted pet.

The new collectible adds an element of hands on creativity to the brand.

Each blind foil pack (which retail at £2.99) contains modelling clay, cardboard Moshi features and an adoption booklet with instructions on how to make your Moshi monster and information about the character. There are 48 different characters in the range to collect.

It was quite exciting opening the pack to see what was inside but no doubt there is the downside of disappointment when you find that you have just bought a character that you already have in your collection. They wouldn't be quite so easy to swap with friends as trading cards.

The modelling clay was a good quality - vibrantly coloured and easy to work. It was nice to see the children engaged in squishing, squeezing, rolling, and flattening  activities. The instructions were very clear  and it did not take long to create a reasonable model. The video shows our progress as we attempted to make our very own 'Luvli'.

A brand new website,, is being created in conjunction with the launch of the Moshi Monster Clay Buddies, giving children the opportunity to upload pictures and videos of their models.

None of my children are really of the age to get excited by Moshi Monsters but I can certainly understand the appeal and the Clay Buddies would definitely make great little stocking fillers.

Moshi Monster Clay Buddies are available to buy from Toys R Us, The Entertainer, Smyths, Next and Hobbycraft.

Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies are now on Facebook

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