Thursday, 6 October 2011

DVDs for Xmas

My kids have always loved getting DVDs for Christmas. In fact it is something of a running joke in our house how they make a beeline for the "DVD shaped boxes" under the Christmas tree.

In the run up to Christmas I will be reviewing several DVD titles as well as hosting a giveaway or two. I hope it will give you some potential gift ideas  or just put you in the mood for one of my favourite past times - snuggling up on the sofa with the family to watch (as my 3 year old daughter would put it) a gweat feeyulm. Get the popcorn ready, here we go...

Humf is a British made animated children's TV series that airs on Nick Jr. Each episode is 7 minutes long and features "fluffy thing" Humf as he discovers the world around him with a host of other loveable characters that make up Humf's family and friends.

It has a very accessible story telling style with Caroline Quentin doing a fantastic job of providing the narration. The simple animation and catchy background music make it ideal for pre-schoolers. I particularly like that the stories deal with the sort of situations that young children encounter and the voices of  Humf and his friends are provided by children. Humf may be a small purple furry thing but he is very easy to relate to.

The DVD includes 10 episodes plus a bonus disc with a further 6 episodes - plenty to keep little ones entertained.

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