Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Best Night of Her Life

This is Ivy - 20 year old media student and my lovely daughter.

In my blog post A Weekend of Music, I wrote about Ivy's obsession with the band Hard-Fi and in particular, their lead singer Richard Archer. Since being given the new album Killer Sounds a few weeks ago, she has listened to the track Fire in the House 469 times (correct at time of writing!)

Last weekend, she entered an online competition to be on the guest list of a Hard-Fi charity gig which included meeting the band backstage. I invite you to try and imagine her reaction when she found out that she had won.

The gig was at the Brixton Electric in London so it was something of a mission trying to organise transport from Shropshire and find someone to go with at short notice. Luckily, Ivy's godfather (who had given her the Killer Sounds album) is based in London, loves live music and was happy to be her +1. It was a weight off my mind knowing that there would be someone I trust with her to keep her from exploding with excitement!

The venue has yet to be officially opened. There were painters in the toilets and no water. I don't think this (or anything) would have bothered Ivy. They had gallery seats which afforded a fantastic view of the band.

Ivy would have been buzzing before it started from the copious amount of coffee consumed to sustain her through the journey and whilst she was waiting for godfather to finish work. She said that the gig was amazing but the real highlight of the night was the moment they were taken backstage - the moment she stood face to face (or judging by the photo, shoulder to armpit) with her idol.

Ivy meets Hard Fi

Ivy says it was the best night of her life.

In the years that follow I'm sure there will be many more contenders for the 'Best Night' title but I don't doubt that this night is one she will never forget.

[For Ivy's own account, read Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick.....Boom!]

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  1. She must have been absolutely thrilled! I can only begin to imagine her excitement :)


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