Friday, 9 September 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

My little girl starting Nursery school has turned out to be a very positive experience (so far!) for her and for me. She loves it and takes on a teacher role at home getting us to sit on the carpet and all join in for repeated renditions of Two Little Dickie Birds. For me, I am really enjoying the walk to and from Nursery, the three hours she is there when I can get on with some housework or spend one on one time with my little boy and I especially enjoy hearing all about her morning when I go to collect her.

In order to make the walk to and from Nursery with both my little ones a bit quicker, more fun and easier on a tired three year old not quite used to the routines yet, we have invested in a Buggy Board. It is a fantastic device, beautifully designed for the job. I impressed myself by not waiting for my husband to come home from work to fit it to the buggy. I struggled to focus on the tiny writing and diagrams that were the instructions with my ageing eyes but worked it all out eventually.

My husband and I have joined a new ballroom dancing class. I have missed dancing weekly after our last class closed due to lack of interest. It felt wonderful to be back on a dance floor again although our moves were a little rusty. It will take us a while to catch up with the other dancers, especially in the Paso Doble which we have never tried and they all seemed to be proficient at. We learned a new dance, the Viennese Waltz. It is a much faster and twirlier variation of the Waltz. As we only learned how to turn in a clockwise direction, we were fairly dizzy after eight or so spins. Next week we will hopefully get to practise the anticlockwise turn so we can make it all the way round the hall without landing in a disorientated heap on our backs.


  1. I bet you are looking forward to Strickily coming back. I wish I could get MadDad to dance

  2. I love pics of you and your husband in dancing poses. You look so loved up for a start. Loving that word "twirlier". Great news the whole nursery thing is going so well for all involved too. Buggy Boards - totally inspired invention and totally impressed with your fitting skills

  3. What fantastic reasons - very impressed with the ballroom dancing. Glad nursery is going well

  4. Wow Paula, how wonderful to go dancing together. I have suggested that to Dh before.

    What a lovely picture of you both.

    Mich x

  5. Lovely reasons and how amazing that you do ballroom dancing. I can't dance a step myself but love Strictly and the Viennese is one of my favourites to watch - it looks so light and romantic.

  6. We have a buggy board and its amazing. Eldest was chucked out of pram at 22 months to make way for little one and I dont know how we would have managed without it. Enjoy the ballroom lessons and have a great week :-)

  7. I'd love to learn to dance! Glad your daughter is enjoying pre-school


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