Monday, 26 September 2011

Paper Jamz Pro Guitar

If you find yourself stuck for inspiration for a Xmas gift and just want something that is a lot of fun, look no further than the Paper Jamz Guitar from Wowwee toys.

I first encountered these at the Xmas in July event and thought they were pretty fantastic. Since then, I have been sent one to try at home with my music loving family.

If I were to tell you that the Paper Jamz experience is as satisfying as belting out throaty power chords on an electric guitar, I'd be lying. It is actually somewhere betweeen that and unashamedly rocking out with a tennis racket in your bedroom.

They are a bit smaller than a proper guitar (or a tennis racket) but they are absolutely gorgeous with all the detail of a real instrument giving them a very authentic feel and there are different styles to choose from.

The Paper Jamz Pro comes with pre-loaded songs so you can (in their own words) Play like a pro right out of the box.  Who wouldn't want to be an "Instant Rock Star"? It is also possible to download a free app that enables you to add your own music and customize the sound.

As well as the Instant Rock Star mode, there is a Freestyle option. A simple strumming action and moving your hand up and down the neck gives you a whole range of notes and chords. You can get creative with the sound by pointing the neck up to play an octave higher, shaking the guitar head to add vibrato, muting and using the ripstrip to bend the pitch.  For those well practised with their tennis rackets and air guitars, it is also possible to use Hammer-on, Pull-off, Tap and Slide techniques to create different effects.

The real beauty of this toy is that absolutely anyone could pick it up and play it and have the pleasure of making music but there is also the potential to be creative and experimental. Whatever your musical ability, this is guaranteed to unleash the rock guitarist that lurks somewhere within us all.

Don't forget to buy your AA batteries (not included)
Recommended for ages 8+

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