Monday, 24 December 2012

'Tis the Night Before Xmas

It's Christmas Eve. The presents are wrapped. There is an air of eager anticipation.

Before we all settle down for the 'last sleep', we have a Christingle service to attend (Charis will be playing all seven Carols to accompany the congregation), Carol singing around the Christmas tree in town (I hope it stops raining!) then back home for a Mexican banquet, scattering the magic reindeer food on the lawn and a new tradition this year invented by little Addy - blowing bubbles filled with wishes. That completed, all that will remain will be to put the mince pie and drink out for a deserving Santa.

I am smiling at the thought of how excited the little ones will be tonight as I tuck them up in their beds. With all the warm feeling that that brings me, I wish all my friends, family and faithful blog readers:

A Joyful and Merry Christmas

Hallowe'en Arts and Crafts Project gets a festive makeover

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