Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Royal Christmas Mail

The last time I received one of these through my letter box was many years ago when a boyfriend from my first term at University sent me a Christmas card containing a small plastic bag filled with his mum's home made chocolate spread.

Our Sincere Apologies.
We are very sorry that this item has reached you in this condition. Royal Mail

If his mum had known that he was using the chocolate spread in some sticky naughty games with his girlfriend rather than as a nutritional spreadable on toast to sustain a hungry student, she probably would not have packed him off to Uni with jars full of the stuff. Had my boyfriend known that the chocolate spread package would explode in the card somewhere between his post box and the sorting office, he perhaps would not have attempted to send me a reminder of our little bit of fun in this way!

This latest item delivered by the Royal Mail with their sincere apologies contained no such deviant substances - just a simple red envelope housing one Christmas card with greetings from a very dear friend and his lovely family. It remains something of  mystery as to how the condition of it is such that it looks as though it has had bites torn out of it.

It made me smile when I removed the card from its tattered envelope to reveal the picture on the front.

That cupcake did perhaps look good enough to eat!

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