Friday, 21 December 2012

Good News/ Bad News

It has been a Good News/ Bad News couple of days.

Good News: Husband is off work so we head to town for Xmas shopping with the promise of lunch out. Find some great things to buy in the first shop we visit.

Bad News: At the checkout, Husband realises he's lost his wallet.

Good News: He says it only had a few pounds in it and cancels the credit card.

Bad News: I don't feel like carrying on with the shopping trip even though there is one gift I still really wanted to buy.

Good News: He finds the wallet at home.

Bad News: As he said it only had a few pounds in it we can't even celebrate being reunited with the cash and splash out on a takeaway.

Good News: I manage to find a substitute for the one gift  in our local Argos.

Bad News: The Argos catalogue picture did not show how small and tatty the gift was in reality.

Good News: My money was refunded by a cheerful and friendly assistant.

Bad News: Back to square one in terms of the one gift I wanted to buy.

Good News: Found the perfect gift online.

Bad News: Anxious wait to see if the promised 'delivery before Xmas' would be upheld.

Good News: Daughter Taylor's A level Presentation evening gave us an opportunity to forget about Xmas for a moment and celebrate her incredible achievements.

Bad News: A mix up over babysitting meant I had to take my two little ones along to what would be a boring event for them.

Good News: They were both behaving beautifully.

Bad News: Little Dylan started coughing so badly that he vomited - in copious volume - and strongly scented of the banana he had consumed before we left.

Good News: Caretaker efficiently dealt with vile, wreaking, viscous stomach contents and Husband turned up at that exact moment to help me bundle the sick drenched child out and into his car seat. A bath towel left in the car for me to sit on after the passenger window was inadvertently left open all night in the rain came in handy for wiping off undigested banana chunks and protecting the upholstery.

Bad News: Missed Taylor collecting her certificates.

Good News: Once Dylan and I had peeled off our soiled clothes and jumped in a bath together, his mood (and mine) were much improved.

Bad News: A rather unpleasant pile of laundry awaited me.

Good News: Taylor returned with her certificates and two awards that she had been presented with for excellence in Mathematics and Overall Achievement.

Bad News: The post-presentation glass of wine and mince pie with my name on were enjoyed by someone else.

Good News: A parcel arrived this morning. It was the gift I had ordered online.

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