Friday, 7 December 2012

My beardy man

There was a man that lived down the same country lane where my old house was. I would see him sometimes walking by. He was tall and thin and had a long shaggy beard. He reminded me very much of a boy I once knew at University and hadn't seen for some 20 years - so much so that the first time I saw him I believed it could be him.  Most people who know me in real life or through my blog will be aware that that boy, 20 years a stranger, would come back into my life to sweep me off my feet and marry me.

The neighbour who would walk past my house had no idea of the feelings he would awaken in me. I never even said hello to him. Whenever I saw him, I would think about my tall, thin, bearded friend from long ago and wonder what became of him.

I would find out soon enough.

Through Friends Reunited he kept an old, almost forgotten promise to contact me. We arranged to meet up.

It was the oddest thing when he turned up on my doorstep. Firstly, he was no longer a boy. He was a man. Secondly, he could never have been described as thin. And thirdly, he was clean shaven. He was so unfamiliar in so many ways yet completely familiar in the one way that made me as comfortable with him then as I'd always been. It didn't take me long to adjust to his 'filled out' physique or the fact that time had matured him. However, I really struggled with that smooth face.

Preparing Tete de Moine for the prettiest lunch ever (Switzerland)

It wasn't long before he grew back the beard. There was grey in it now and I loved it. That was over 7 years ago.

Last week, he was challenged to shave off his beard for Movember. He is never one to shy away from any challenge so he accepted and raised £200 for the cause.

He did actually look younger without it and I admit that when he kissed me it was reminiscent of those early smooth faced kisses so charged with passion and hope. I liked it.

He bought shaving foam and razors and kept himself clean shaven until I made the decision for him to stay or grow.

The novelty began to wear off quickly. I missed my beardy man. I wanted him back.

My husband is a hirsute individual. By about 9 o'clock tonight, my wish will probably have been granted!

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