Monday, 20 February 2012

Wild Science - Lip Balm Laboratory

My children have already experienced the Wild Science Beauty Salon - the older ones supervising little Addy to get her experimenting and thinking in a scientific way. It was lovely to have the opportunity to do the same with the Lip Balm Laboratory from Interplay that I was sent to review.

Once again, I was impressed with the quality of the set, the instruction booklet that contained plenty of information in a very digestible format and I particularly loved the workbench that kept everything neat and to hand with a 'laboratory' feel to it.

Although the ingredients are all non toxic, the kit is intended for use by children 8+ with adult supervision so it isn't something that you should let them loose with while you try and grab a bit of 'me' time. We did enjoy our afternoon as scientists and it definitely made a change from a board game or jigsaw.

The video shows how we got on.

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