Friday, 3 February 2012

A Different Car on the Driveway

There is a different car parked on my driveway today - the car belonging to Taylor's boyfriend, who recently made us all proud by passing his driving test first time. How quickly the boy, who turned up at my house two years ago to woo my daughter, is turning into a man. And a charming, eloquent, funny and thoughtful man too. Very definitely an asset to the family.

Maybe not his best look!

I was browsing through some old photographs yesterday. Below is one of when we first moved to our current home in 2006 with my new partner to start life as a proper family.

From left to right: Taylor, Charis,  Liberty and Ivy with stepdad.

My Charis was was such a tiny little insecure girl then and in a few short years she has blossomed into a beautiful, self-possessed young woman who stands taller than all her sisters...and me.

Having witnessed my children's development to maturity has given me a completely new perspective when it comes to parenting the two little ones from my second marriage.

Some people thought I was mad having babies in my mid forties, at a time when I would otherwise have been slowing down and enjoying more time to myself and more money to spare. Maybe I am mad but if I am - I am happy with my madness. Exotic holidays, designer clothes and regular pampering hold little allure compared with two small warm bodies snuggled into me, two tiny hands holding mine and two pairs of eyes, bright and trusting, looking at me with love. Everything about being a mum to my two little late life miracles fills me with awe, wonder and pure joy.

Dylan and Addy - my sleeping angels

I know that it will feel like the blink of an eye before it is Addy's boyfriend parking his car on my driveway. Until then (and beyond), I intend to continue enjoying every moment.

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