Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hipp Organic Mini Pots

Hipp Organic played a significant role in the weaning of my two little ones.

Both children continue to be great eaters and enjoy a range of different foods which is particulalry important to me bringing them up on a vegetarian diet. They do, however, both have a fondness for the sweets, crisps and biscuits that I do my best to limit but are so handy when a hungry toddler needs a snack or treat.

I was sent some of Hipp Organics new mini pots to try.

The mini pots come in packs of six 50g pots - ideal for a snack. Made of 100% fruit puree blended with a little bit of yoghurt , they are healthy, nutritious and contribute to the government guideline '5-a-day'. There is no need to refrigerate which makes them ideal for when you are out and about. They are available in two varieties: banana & peach and apple & pear.

I did wonder if my children, having become familiar with high sugar/ fat/ salt snacks, would consider something this wholesome and pure as a treat. It has certainly been a problem previously.

I needn't have worried. They both loved their mini pots. Addy loved the fruity smell as much as the taste which did lead to several incidents of puree on her nose! The video shows both children enjoying their little treat which evidently is also perfect to take to the moon!

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