Monday, 13 February 2012

Hearts and Crafts

Today was my last day of frenetic decorating at my daughter's new house. Tomorrow, she and her boyfriend are moving in to begin the next phase of their life together. It has been a busy weekend and start to half term trying to get things finished there as well as catching up with my sister in law and her family for a belated Xmas visit... but we still found time for some Valentines Arts and Crafts.

This was our attempt at wax resist valentine roses:

The idea was draw a spiral with a pink or white crayon and then dab colour on with watered down paint.  The wax resists the paint creating a delicate rose (or a cabbage if you use green!) Dylan was rather too enthusiastic and very thorough with the application of paint. He would have been put to better use painting walls at his big sister's house.

We also made heart garlands using the chain paper doll technique and decorated them with stickers - a lot less messy than the painting and they look cheery hanging in my conservatory.

Our heart love tokens need more work. These were made by scrunching kitchen foil into heart shapes then covering with PVA glue and torn tissue paper. Maybe some glitter for a bit of sparkle would make them look better.

My favourite of all the finished crafts was the multi-googly-eyed heart made by little Addy with an enormous amount of glue that took three days to dry...

... and Dylan's green belly!

Happy Valentine's Day xx

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