Monday, 6 February 2012


The cold weather we are having plays havoc with an oft neglected part of my anatomy - my toes.

That angry red patch on my toe is a chilblain and it itches to the point of pain.

Many years ago my mum told me of a cure for chilblains and despite the fact that I  have used it in the past and know that it works, I still avoid resorting to it until the point that I can not suffer a moment longer.

The cure is urine.

Anyone who has been through ante natal care is no stranger to collecting their own urine. For a well hydrated person not suffering from any infection, urine is a fairly innocuous substance. However, in common with most bodily secretions and excretions, it retains the power to revolt and disgust.

When my chilblains took me to that tipping point where desperation outweighs revulsion, it was time to administer the cure.

I tend to put my pelvic muscles to the test and wee directly onto a piece of cotton wool which I then dab onto the affected area. It seems the most efficient way of going about the business.

The relief was instant and the improvement was visible by the following day.

I am wearing my good walking socks now and have bought a pair of hideous but cosy slippers to keep my feet warm and hopefully avoid a recurrence - but should those angry red patches start bothering me again,  maybe next time I won't leave it so long before giving my toes their hap-pee ending.

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  1. Having googled images for poor circulation in relation to a red lump on my toe, I came across your blog. Reading your post was like switching on a light bulb. Of course.....I had chilblains! ( I was beginning to think I'd dropped a kettlebell on my toe in the gym and if!) Thankyou for sharing this...I'll be trying out the remedy, the swelling and especially itch is killing me. The benefit of the cure far outweighs the grossness of it!


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