Friday, 10 February 2012

Caring for little feet with Bobux

As a teenager, I worked in a shoe shop. Part of the training involved being shown pictures of feet deformities caused by ill fitting shoes.  

Tiny baby feet are so soft and precious.

Bobux are a company dedicated to understanding and loving little feet.

They have produced a range of footwear suitable for newborn babies through to active toddlers designed to  promote better foot health. By acknowledging that barefoot is best for developing feet, Bobux have created shoes that mimic the freedom of bare feet and support  healthy, natural development.

In addition to the commitment to protect our children's feet, the company have a strong environmental ethos which resonates well with my values.

Even without the good feeling that comes from buying eco friendly shoes that allow feet to develop naturally without restriction, there is also a huge 'cute' factor. These shoes are adorable.

When I was given the opportunity to try a pair of  Bobux shoes for my 19 month son, I chose the Black Nubuck Desert Boot from the i-walk range.

I was very impressed with quality and loved that the shoes were delivered in their own little bag. Most importantly was that they fit my son perfectly. He was very happy wearing them.

The video shows Dylan trying his shoes on for the first time aided by an enthusiastic but not necessarily very capable older sister.

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