Sunday, 5 February 2012


One of the things that I like about this time of year is the flood of Partworks that land on the magazine aisles of my local newsagent. It never ceases to amaze me how many random topics are covered by this particular style of publishing - 'The Art of Quilting' being one that I noticed recently.

I have been seduced by the Partwork appeal in the past, collecting You and Your Camera, Changing Rooms, Build Your Own Dolls House, How My Body Works and Horrible Science over the years. If you stop to add up how much these collections cost in total it is quite horrifying and as invariably happens, the publication overtakes ones ability to keep pace with it. The issues remain unread and an embarrassment to my usual frugality.

Nowadays, I enjoy the Partworks in a simpler, more immediate, considerably less expensive fashion by only ever purchasing the first issue at the introductory price. My little Addy has thoroughly enjoyed part one of Dora the Explorer's Little Cooks Collection complete with silicon cake moulds and plate for the bargain price of 99p. The banana muffins she made were delicious.


  1. I too love the collections they all seem so appealing but like you say the cost adds up to a rediculous amount and quite often you never read the maagiznes if you do subscribe to the whole series, the introduction price is by far the best I saw that Dora one in the local shop yesturday and very nearly picked it up

  2. I'm glad Adrian's baking was a success! xxx

  3. That Dora one looks good for 99p, I wonder how much they go up to afterwards? I'm still haunted by a magazine called 'I love horses' and can even sing the jingle, I never even bought it!


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