Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Weekend of Music

The last time I was at Weston Park in Stafford was for my 5K Race for Life. This time I was there for a different sort of endurance test - the Weekend V Music Festival.

In accordance with Sod's Law, the fact that I DIDN'T pack suncream, sunhat and shades meant that we were treated to some lovely periods of bright sunshine. My wellies were redundant but I didn't care because they are pink and gorgeous and I love then.

For me, one of the joys of an event like the V Festival is the opportunity for people watching. It was, as always, fascinating and entertaining observing the wonderful variety of human life in all it's glorious forms.

I have never seen so much fake tan. The San Tropez look was obviously the look for the fashion conscious festival goer. Tans ranged from expertly applied mahogany to oompa loompa orange - and worst of all, the badly applied streaky mess with matching orange palms.

The other fashion must-have seemed to be the tiniest shorts that can exist and still qualify as shorts rather than a belt. The maternal part of me was very glad that my own grown up girls do NOT go out in public with that amount of bum cheek on display.

The music aspect of the festival did not disappoint.

Eminem's headlining comeback performance was amazing and I will definitely be putting the Recovery album on my wish list. I loved seeing Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding (although the mum part of me really wanted her to sort her hair out) and KT Tunstall. Also, newcomer Clare Maguire is someone I will be looking out for after her powerful performance.

Sort your hair out Ellie!

There were two highlights for me.

The first was accompanying Ivy to see Hard Fi.

Ever since Ivy found out that Hard Fi had confirmed that they would be in the line up, she has been almost unbearable with her uncontained excitement. They were playing in one of the tents which was very full by the time we got to it. We made our way towards the front so Ivy could get a proper good look at her idol - lead singer, Richard Archer. The excitement that had been bubbling up, completely exploded out of her. It was lovely to see her enjoy herself without inhibitions. It was totally worth enduring the many liquid filled projectiles that were flying around the audience (several of which managed to deposit unidentifiable wetness on me) and endure her high pitched squealing (which I think actually did more harm to my already compromised hearing than the uncomfortably amplified music).

My second highlight was discovering the band Bellowhead. They were an fantastically energetic folk band complete with brass section. The lead singer had a certain edginess approaching slightly mad that I find incredibly appealing. I will definitely be looking to see what albums are available by them for my wish list and if ever I need a dose of feel good music, I will have just what I need.

No blog post about a music festival would be complete without a quick mention of the dreaded toilets.

In actual fact, they were a pleasant surprise - as clean as you could expect and some even had toilet paper! There was the unmistakable smell of disinfectant masking something less sanitary but I have experienced SO MUCH WORSE.

You may wish to look away now because the last photo shows the inside of a festival toilet for the benefit of those who have never had the pleasure.

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