Monday, 8 August 2011

iball 3 - Can You Do It?

I marvel at Taylor and her ability to solve the Rubiks Cube, the Bedlam Cube and just about any other puzzle that you put her way. Her logical brain, her perseverance and her delight at finding solutions are qualities that will probably ensure that she does fantastically well if she decides to study maths at University next year and also make her the perfect candidate to test the new iBall3 from HTI - an electronic interactive memory game predicted by Hamley's to be one of the 'must have' toys this Christmas.

Invented by British toymaker Andrew Reeves, the iball3 is a clear blue sphere with six light up buttons, an LED display and a whole lot of unfathomable electronics. It comes with its own impressively tall stand!

The challenge of the iball3 is to switch all six of its lights to the same colour within a time limit. Level 1 is played with sequences of three different coloured lights for each button and once completed in under 20 seconds unlocks Level 2 which is played with four colours. Every 90 seconds, the iball resets and randomises the colour sequences so the challenge remains fresh. A unique i-code which is revealed when Level 2 is completed in 60 seconds (or less) enables you to register online at  to compete against players worldwide.

Taylor eventually grasped the concept of the iball (she blamed the start of a cold for being a little slow off the mark!) and not to be outdone, Charis has been taking turns to play. I must admit that I felt a bit of a dinosaur watching their fingers dancing over the buttons as their eager young minds worked out the individual light sequences in order to switch all six buttons to the same colour light.

In the following video, Charis explains how to play the iball3. Since filming the video, Taylor has unlocked and completed level 2 in 17.8 seconds placing her top on today's leader board (at time of writing).

Taylor and Charis were certainly entertained and challenged by this highly addictive game. Tempted as I am to show my offspring that I too can be a contender on the World Leader Board, I am most likely going to stick to my good old fashioned crossword puzzles for now and leave the iball3 action to them!

The  RRP for iball3 is £16.99 and is available from Amazon

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  1. It was the cold! It has very definitely slowed me down...


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