Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Gallery - Week 72 - Animals

I've always had a fascination with pachyderms but this Indian Rhinoceros from the collection at West Midlands Safari Park was, for me, a totally remarkable beast. It is also known as an Armoured Rhino for the obvious reason. 

I love the textures and shapes and the sheer elegance of the design. If Darwin's theory is correct, then this is evolution at its best!

Watching these magnificent, powerful animals moving around their paddock did make me feel a little bit like I was in Jurassic Park walking with dinosaurs.


  1. Great close up! They are amazing animals :)

  2. That is brilliant! I would have that blown-up onto a canvas and put in the downstairs loo!

  3. They are such incredible creatures aren't they? Love your photo, it reminds me of one of those old fashioned zoological drawings! :)

  4. look at the cellulite on that rump....cracking detail

  5. How could anything get it's gob around that!!

    Very striking shot

  6. Wow. One of my absolute faves this week


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