Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Gallery - Week 64 - Three Words

For Fathers Day, we indulged daddy's favourite hobby - sailing.

It turned out to be very a special day with the three year old taking her first trip out on the boat, our Flying Fifteen. She seemed to think it was all completely normal despite quite violent rocking and the sometimes deafening sound of wind in the sails. Being so small, there was no need for her to duck for the boon!

My Three Word contribution to this week's Gallery,

Finding Sea Legs


  1. She looks quite happy on the boat...bless her! xxx

  2. Your face and sign says it all perfect peace x

    Love it x

  3. I wish that was me! That is my 17 year old daughter.

  4. that is a gorgous photo. they are both so pretty.


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