Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I'm Toy Wooden Scooter

From an aesthetic point of view, I would much rather have wooden toys in my house than their plastic counterparts.

We have a lovely wooden dolls house and castle that my grown up children had when they were younger. I kept them because I couldn't bear to part with them and convinced myself that they'd come in for the grandchildren. Little did I know at the time that I would become a mum again to a girl and a boy who will have many years of enjoyment from them (....and still no sign of any grandchildren!).

I was delighted to be sent an 'I'm Toy' Wooden Scooter to review for Izziwizzi Kids.

This is our vlog review.

Since making this video, my little girl has really got to grips with the scooting action and can get up to quite a speed. Her steering leaves something to be desired but no doubt that will come in time. She still can't quite get her head round the difference between a 'skateboard' and a 'scooter' but I don't think she cares. It's all just fun to her.

I think this is a lovely toy with a really solid feel to it. If those grandchildren ever make an appearance, I'm sure it will be ready and waiting to take on a whole new generation of fun seekers.

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